Whether you’re looking to study at university or are simply keen to gain UCAS points, A’ Level Chemistry online tutorials can help you succeed in your studies. This subject opens the door to a variety of interesting career options and is a natural progression from GCSE chemistry. The course builds on your previous understanding with minimal duplication of material. To help you find the right A-Level chemistry tutorials for your particular needs, here are some tips:

Davidson College chemistry course

For online chemistry course tutoring, you can use a variety of online resources. Davidson College is a premier liberal arts college, ranked #13 in the nation in the National Liberal Arts Colleges. Chemistry students will learn the importance of teamwork, including collaborating with artists and scientists. Chemistry students may also take a Davidson Academy course, which offers high school credit. Students who have trouble understanding the concepts in an online chemistry tutorial can find a free, downloadable version of the course.

The best free online chemistry tutoring resources come from Davidson College. Many online tutors offer free trial versions of their courses, or they may charge a small fee to audit the courses. Many of the courses include quizzes and tests, as well as assignments and projects. Some courses even come with a certificate, depending on the MOOC provider. Davidson College chemistry course tutorials are offered in three main categories: free courses, discount offers, and original platforms.


A level chemistry is a challenging subject, and getting the concept across to the student is crucial to success. Exams involve a combination of theoretical calculation and conceptual explanation, and the combination of these two methods can be confusing. Tutors are essential in guiding students through the exam process, identifying areas of knowledge gap and helping them tackle misconceptions. If you have a question about your exam technique, contact a tutor as soon as possible.

Private lessons are ideal for students who want to study at their own pace without peer pressure. The tutor is dedicated to helping students achieve high grades, and they use the latest methods of teaching to achieve this. Students can also benefit from the one-on-one approach, ensuring that they learn at their own pace and with the maximum benefit. Private lessons also allow students to focus on areas of weakness and challenge themselves without spending too much time reviewing concepts they already know.


If you’re worried about your upcoming edx A level chemistry exam, you can take advantage of free A level chemistry tutorials online, which offer an excellent mix of practical and theoretical content. A wide variety of topics are covered, including atoms, chemical reactions, and the properties of matter. These topics are essential for all students to succeed, regardless of subject preference. Here are some of the most popular tutorials you can access:

These courses are ideal for high school and university students, but they’re also great for individuals who’d like to brush up on their chemistry knowledge. A great way to choose a chemistry tutorial is to decide your educational discipline and your career interests, and then find one that fits in with them. There are numerous online courses to choose from, so make sure you look for one that meets your needs.

Davidson College

Davidson College’s A level chemistry tutorials are available for free online. This is particularly helpful for those who are aiming for a career in pharmaceuticals. You will learn how to design drugs by using techniques that help predict their half-lives and metabolism, as well as how to transform molecules with desired biological activity into pharmaceuticals. This course is also available on edX for free. It covers the basics of chemistry, including reaction mechanisms, stereochemistry, kinetics, and mass spectrometry.

Students can access the tutorials from their own computer. They must follow the instructions to the letter. After completing the tutorial, students can then progress to the Davidson College Chemistry 115 course. The tutorials are also accompanied by access to online tutors. They are a fantastic way to prepare for the rigours of university chemistry, and they are accessible to anyone, anywhere. In addition, they are free of charge, so there is no need to spend a fortune on the materials.

MIT’s General Chemistry I: Atoms, Molecules, and Bonding

In MIT’s General Chemistry I: Atom, Molecule, and Bonding course, students learn the basics of chemistry. The course’s syllabus is broad and covers the basics of first-year university-level chemistry. It also includes the history of chemistry, the properties of atoms and molecules, and the dual-wave-particle nature of energy. Students learn about the molecular structure and the interaction of molecules, including electrons, hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur.

In the course, Prof. Sadoway discusses the shape of a molecule and defines the polar bond. He then discusses the different types of polar bonds, including the sigma and pi bonds. He also explains how electrons fill molecules from the lowest energy level to the highest. After reviewing a wide range of topics, the chapter ends with an overview of the edX learning platform.

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