If you are wondering how to record online video tutorials, then read this article. This article will introduce some of the software you can use to record your videos. These tools include Screencast-O-Matic, ActivePresenter, OBS, and Debut Video Capture Software. In addition to these, you can also use a screen recorder such as OBS or Debut Video Capture Software to record your video tutorials.


There are a few advantages and disadvantages to Screencast-O-Matic for recording your online video tutorials. The free version of the program is limited in its features, but it is an easy-to-use screen recording application. It allows you to record your entire desktop or only part of it, including the video of the activity you’re capturing. You can edit the video later to include text, images, and animations.

The software enables you to record your screen and voice using the same application. You can also use a webcam if necessary. The screen recording options in Screencast-O-Matic include audio, webcam, and pause. The software also includes audio recording and short-cut keys. Once you have finished recording your video, you can share it with anyone, either on YouTube or your blog.


You may wonder how to record online video tutorials, but there are a few easy steps you can follow. ActivePresenter allows you to record your screen activity and offers a Timeline pane with many video editing options. To capture a screen area, you can either specify a region of the screen to capture or choose the resolution you want. You can also preview and export the recorded video.

In addition to recording the screen, ActivePresenter allows you to change the mouse click sound. To make your viewers more visible while following your process, change the mouse click sound to a bright circle. Also, by highlighting the mouse, you can better illustrate your point. Make sure you don’t waste valuable time showing them unnecessary information. Force trainees to watch unnecessary information will only lead them to frustration, and they may abandon the process altogether.


Screen capture is a natural starting point for creating online video tutorials. However, OBS can be useful for recording tutorials with physical objects. The program also supports webcams, allowing you to record multiple cameras with a single capture. Adding a simple presentation slides can help structure the content of the tutorial. To create a complete video tutorial, consider combining a screen capture and a presentation. A presentation slides provide the background context for the tutorial content.

Your title should let viewers know what your video tutorial is about. You can easily add a title by dragging it to the timeline and editing it by clicking on the text. You can also change the text colour under the Colours tab, or even add a business logo. You can also include an intro, which can include your business name, website and logo. This way, viewers can easily locate you on the internet. Your tutorial will look great with the help of your videos!

Debut Video Capture Software

If you’re looking for a simple program that lets you record online videos and upload them to your website, consider Debut Video Capture Software. It’s a small program with many features, and it’s quick to download. The software’s dark mode interface makes it easy to navigate the program and easily determine the source of a video. There are five different sources you can select from: Webcam, Device, Network, Screen, Camera Overlay, and Audio. In the top panel, you’ll see review options, including your own custom settings, recording section, or printing out a selection.

Despite its simplicity, Debut Video Capture Software offers advanced features for recording online video tutorials. It includes a microphone and recording controls, and it can record webcam footage as well. Users can add basic elements to their screencasts, including text, images, and sound. It supports a variety of output formats, and it can even record HD videos. The software also lets you upload your videos to popular platforms, including YouTube and Vimeo.

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