You can find A Level Physics online tutorials for free with these websites. Up Learn Physics is a complete A Level Physics course that provides you with everything you need to master the subject. You can choose between AQA or OCR syllabus-specific courses. You can also choose to learn with other courses that match the syllabus of your exam board. There are many advantages to using up learn physics as your online tutor. Read on to discover more.

Davidson Next

Teachers looking for an alternative to textbooks should consider Davidson Next A level physics online tutorial resources. Professors at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, have long worked with the College Board to develop interactive lessons for high school students. They have also given summer workshops for teachers of A.P. high school physics, and now they’re working with Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools to create modules that cover the most difficult concepts.


If you’re looking for a free edX A level physics online course, look no further than Andy Brown’s courses. With positive feedback and an average 4.5 star rating, these free online physics tutorials offer an excellent way to brush up on your subject. However, before you get started, make sure to check out the course syllabus and prerequisites. Students should note that while EdX offers free access to all course materials, they do charge for the certificate of completion.

The Physics and Our Universe online course has 60 lectures by Professor Richard Wolfson. He breaks down complex topics like Newtonian mechanics and thermodynamics into understandable chunks. There are also bite-sized lessons to help you retain information quickly. You can sign up for a free trial or pay for a subscription if you like. These courses are suitable for anyone wishing to brush up on their physics knowledge.

Other topics covered in the edX A level physics online course include electricity, magnetism, atomic structure, and electromagnetic waves. You’ll also gain a thorough understanding of AC and DC circuits. This course is an excellent way to brush up on what you need to know about physics and how to apply it to everyday life. In addition to providing free edX A level physics online tutorials, edX also offers several paid physics courses by leading universities.

Open Study College

If you’re looking for an online physics course, there are many options available. Many colleges and universities offer a range of online tutorials, but not all of them offer a quality education. Regardless of your location, Open Study College offers a variety of study options that will meet your specific needs. You can study for your A level exams at home or on the go with their online tutorials.

Open courseware is a collection of free video lectures, related course materials, and online tests. Most open courseware is non-restrictive and therefore free for everyone to use. While open courseware is not as valuable as a formal college course, it’s still an excellent resource for a student looking to earn a degree in physics. It allows you to study at your own pace, while also benefiting from the expert teaching style of professors.

The ‘Ask the Experts’ tool allows visitors to pose questions and receive feedback from professionals in the field. The ‘Fun’ section of the website includes cartoons, puzzles, and articles for the general public. A level physics online tutorials from Open Study College are another excellent choice. The site is run by Dr. Konstantin E. Nikitin, who maintains a study guide compendium and encourages visitors to send questions and receive help.

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