Tacky the Penguin – 7 Quick Primary Resources

Penguins are a popular topic in the primary grades. Using read alouds like Tacky the Penguin is a way to do cross-curricular teaching. Here are 7 quick resources to help expand your lesson plans using Tacky books.You’ll find a couple worksheets, an anchor chart, a Tacky craft and vocabulary.Tacky The Penguin Activities1. Describing Tacky Anchor Chart – Tacky makes a perfect character when discussing character traits since his are so memorable.2. Tacky the Penguin Adjectives, Report Card, Comparison and Reader’s Theater – This is a great set of printables to connect after reading all of the Tacky books with your class. You’ll love the reader’s theater activity that is ready to go.3. Teaching Even and Odd With Tacky – Make your work go further by taking the concept of “odd” and translate it into what that means in math.Printable Tacky Pages4. Tacky the Penguin Freebie – This pack is a great started kit for connecting Tacky with writing – it includes a little penguin page topper, writing page and vocabulary headers.5. Tacky the Penguin Craftivity – Combine a craft with writing about Tacky the odd bird for a great classroom display.6. Reading Pages  for Tacky – A set of multiple pages including a venn diagram, and a penguin concept web.7. Tacky the Penguin Digraph Sort – Using penguins as a theme to sort words based on their featured digraph.Not sure who Tacky is? Watch the audio version of the first story in the series or share it with your class.Tacky the Penguin BooksHere are some affiliate books I recommend reading with your class – I read them with my own!There you have it! Quick resources to help expand your lesson plans using Tacky books. Thanks talented teachers – your printables and lesson plans are great! Feel free to share your “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” badge on your blog, facebook or instagram. You earned it! {{high fives}}Have You Seen?

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