St. Patrick’s Day Classroom Snacks

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these simple classroom snacks. I’ve included a recipe card for Lucky Charms snack mix and you’ll find simple ideas for a rainbow drink to match. Think these would be simple enough to incorporate during your day? You could also send the treats home with students as a gift. St. Patrick’s Day snacks can be a yummy way to show your students that you care!Lucky Charm Snack Mix – This first magically delicious snack will have your readers silent as they enjoy munching on some very festive snack mix. The green sprinkles add just the right touch, don’t you think? What a great idea to take the ingredients we love in a snack mix and to make it have just the right touch of green to celebrate St. Patrick’s day!Right click and save image. Then just open up in a word document (or similar program) and print.This makes me so hungry just by looking at it, that I had to jot down the list and steps to make for my classroom from sweetology. Here is a quick recipe card to go with so you can create it for your students. I’ll be sure to link to a free download at the end of this post for a topper in case you want to put a scoop into a bag for each student as a take-home gift.source: thoughtfullysimple.comMilk and Cereal – This one just feels fun because of the green milk. I also think that it would be very easy to integrate into your school day since everything can be in handy size servings. Who doesn’t like a little milk to go with their cereal? When it’s green… that’ll make the St. Patrick’s Day difference.source: skiptomylou.orgGreen Candied Popcorn – Make delicious popcorn with a sweet coating as a great treat for your students. Using a classic candy coating recipe, this one is sure to tickle them green and keep them quiet during independent reading time {well, maybe}.source: cutestfood.comRainbow Sprite – Color a set of ice cubes for each student and add to a clear drink like water or sprite and you’ve got the perfect rainbow ending to any snack. Let them add them in the order of ROYGBIV and see if they will stay in that order – or just enjoy as a beverage. The colors will blend as the ice cubes melt and create a have a whole new appeal. Looks refreshing, doesn’t it?What types of treats will make a splash in your classroom this St. Patrick’s Day? I think that these treats each look yummy and are not over complicated. I enjoy simple and functional things in my life, but these catch my eye as a primary teacher and I wonder how I can  try one this year as a take home gift for my students. Plus, the fact that I cook {um, never} makes these a cinch to try out.More St. Patrick’s Day

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