Expanded Form Number Puzzles {Printable}

Break into understanding place value by using expanded form. Here is a set of 15 3-piece puzzles where students match the expanded form, the number and the value in base ten blocks. These printable puzzle pieces would make a great activity to reinforce what you’re working on in math.Want to go deeper? Turn this activity into a math journal entry where students must prove why their expanded form puzzle pieces match.Expanded Numbers PuzzlesDo your students have a hard time grasping place value? Then check out these Number Puzzles from Bethany at Math Geek Mama! These simple puzzles require students to match a 3-digit number with its expanded form as well as the equivalent base 10 blocks to help increase number sense.Matching these different, yet equivalent forms together will help young children visualize the meaning of place value, and help prepare them for higher level math with large numbers (especially subtraction with borrowing).This set of puzzles is FREE to download, and includes 15 different puzzles. You could either print on card stock and laminate for multiple uses, or glue the finished product to construction paper to hang in your classroom as a helpful reminder!CONTINUE READING ON MY BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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