DIY Spider Web Rug for Halloween

Set up your classroom for Halloween with this awesome DIY spider web rug idea using masking tape. You and your students will get into the fun of Halloween with this easy classroom decoration tip.Wouldn’t your students love to sit right on top of a spider web rug during October? It just might make classroom whole group lessons that much more novel and whimsical without changing a thing in your lesson plans.Here’s how to make your own DIY spider web rug in your classroom.source: to Make a DIY Spider Web RugYou’ll need some white or off-white masking tape to complete this project.Be sure to test out how masking tape works on your carpet before you begin. You wouldn’t want to end up with masking tape residue or a tripping hazard.I recommend a plain rug since the effect wouldn’t be very noticeable on a world map rug, for example.Start by picking a center point (usually hidden under something) on your plain rug.Create diagonal lines with the masking tape running from that center point out to the edge of the carpet (or the space you’ve dedicated to making the web). Your diagonal lines don’t have to be evenly spaced.Then add diagonal cross section lines that connect at each of the diagonal lines. These lines can move up or down to create geometric shapes of all sizes.After Halloween is over, you simply pull up the taped lines to have your carpet go back to normal. But isn’t that a fun way to spend October?Continue Reading On The Blog| Submit Your Tip |More Fall

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