8 Hibernation and Migration Ready to Go Resources

The migration of animals and hibernation of animals in the winter are two popular science topics. These 8 resources for migration and hibernation will help primary teachers talk about vocabulary, experiment and identify animals that adapt for the winter.I hope you find these free teacher-created resources and lesson plan ideas helpful.Have you seen? The Teach Junkie life science section is growing in numbers of pictured tutorials with free lesson plans for how to teach science so you can always search there if you’’re looking for something different. {wink}source: http://larremoreteachertips.blogspot.comAnimals in Winter1. Hibernate, Adapt or Migrate – TLC lessons to create a class book to describe what animals do in winter and create a comparison chart to list which animals hibernate, migrate or adapt.source: mrswilliamsonskinders.blogspot.com2. Hibernation Chit Chat – Integrate your science discussions into your literacy time by using a “chit chat” message to discuss hibernation. (Kindergarten)source: discoverandlearn.blogspot.com3. Blubber Experiment – Explore how polar bears and penguins use blubber to adapt for their winter environment. Modify this version to using two quart size ziploc baggies so every child can experience the experiment.source: abcand123learning.com4. Who Likes the Snow – After exploring various types of animals through read alouds, create a chart to sort animals that like and do not like the winter weather.Migration, Hibernation, Adaptationsource: crayonsandcutiesinkindergarten.blogspot.com5. Hibernating Animals – Get three informational text read aloud suggestions, create a KWL chart and discuss animals that hibernate, migrate and stay active.source: hensonsfirstgrade.blogspot.com6. Bear Snores On – Use the classic fiction read aloud Bear Snores On to integrate your language arts time. This printable orders the events from the book.Source: firstgradeandfabulous.blogspot.com7. Animals in Winter – Here is a more advanced reader that introduces vocabulary associated with animals in winter and has follow up questions.8. Migration Song – Enjoy learning about the word migration as you follow the California Gray Whale on it’s journey in this 3:44 video.I hope you found these ready to go resources and lesson ideas to be helpful in planning out any lessons for your migration and hibernation science plans.Thanks to these featured talented teachers – your printables and lessons are great! Feel free to share your “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” badge on your blog, facebook or instagram. You earned it! {{boo-yah}}| SUBMIT YOUR TIP |More Primary Science

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