7 Unique Ways to Teach Using Hopscotch

Ready to incorporate more “active” activities into your day? Here are 7 unique ways to teach using hopscotch or sidewalk chalk. Get students moving and learning and ditch the worksheets!This collection of activities draw out learning activities with sidewalk chalk is perfect for the end of the year when students have a little extra energy to burn off.You’ll be able to use these from kindergarten all the way through fifth grade.Source: guiltfreehomeschooling.orgHopscotch Turned Learning TimeStart with ten boxes or get ambitious and draw 100 – pick a design that will match the standard you want to teach. You can use letters or numbers to work on basic skills like spelling, addition or subtraction.Add in colored beanbags to increase the difficulty, variety and be sure to bring along white boards and markers or manipulatives to help students solve math problems.These hopscotch activities works great in small groups and can even be used for language arts as pictured to practice grammar skills!CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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