7 Fast Activities for Earth Day and Free Printables

It’s all about Earth Day in the spring months. Here are 7 fast activities for Earth Day and printables to help you introduce, cover and practice Earth Day and conservation topics.Earth Day for kids means you can have discussions, crafts worksheets in addition to creative projects that teach taking care of our Earth. Let’s dig into these activities for Earth Day to see just what’s in store!source: scienceforkidsblog.blogspot.com1. I Love the Earth – Teaching students about recycling can lead to talking about something students can do daily to help preserve the Earth and it’s resources.This free download worksheet may just be the right thing you need to wrap up your Earth Day for kids activities.source: tonyastreatsforteachers.blogspot.com2. Earth Day Activities – You’ll find worksheets that help you brainstorm ways to protect the Earth, create an acrostic poem, a beautiful Earth mobile craft and a word search.If you’re also planning for a substitute, this would make for a great stash of materials. {Free download}source: mrswheelerfirst.blogspot.com3. Coloring Pages for Earth Day – Have a set of two coloring pages to share or make an Earth Day pledge. These free coloring pages have a boy and a girl version. {Free download}source: absherallstars.blogspot.com4. Earth Day Discussion and Vocabulary – Teach vocabulary and create a list of ways to work on caring for the Earth.You’ll also find that adding vocabulary words like these 8 will help by adding them to your word wall or science classroom spaces. {Free download}Free Earth Day for Kids PrintablesEarth Day is April 22nd each year. It is a highly celebrated environmental event across the globe.Fitting then that talk about our globe and ways to learn how to protect and preserve that which is important to us. Classrooms often discuss recycling and conservation as topics for kids.source: thegroovyteacher.blogspot.ca5. Earth Day Freebie – These free worksheets include word problems, an ABC ordering activity, a brainstorming web and a writing prompt.If you’re looking for tools to help bring it together, this freebie pack may be what you’re looking for. {Free download}source: teachingsahoot1.blogspot.com6. All About Earth Day – This emergent readers is an Earth Day mini-book. It covers ways to help take care of the Earth and could also become a big book for shared reading in younger grades if you copy the 14 pages onto 11×17 paper.A great way to tie in Earth Day science into guided reading groups. {Free download}source: kinder-pond.blogspot.com7. Earth Day Poem – Teaching students about recycling through song may help them remember when they go to throw something away.This free download worksheet may just be the right thing you need to introduce a recycling activity or set of recycling bins into your classroom. {Free download}So there you have it! 7 activities for Earth day that are fast, free and printable.Ready for more? Check out these 7 Classroom Ready Free Earth Day Activities.Thanks to these generous teachers for sharing their great creations with us – you ladies are great! Feel free to grab my “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button. You earned it!Like letting me find things for you? Join the newsletter and get creative and free teacher articles – delivered to your inbox weekly.More Spring Activities

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