5 Easy Magnetism Experiments and Activities for Kids

Integrating science can be so much fun and productive when you integrate it with other subject matter.Here are some magnetism experiments and magnetism activities for kids. There are geared towards kindergarten through third grade and can help explore the science of magnets.How can one start? The easiest way to integrate is to begin with literature – Use non-fiction texts and (affiliate) trade books to introduce vocabulary and basic concepts.Re-read as needed to explore, develop and dig deeper!Explore – Use elements that are friendly to your grade level and students’ needs. See how kindergarten students use four out of their five senses to explore properties of magnets. Includes free printable.Experiment – What happens when a magnet comes across water? Does it’s strength change? What might happen? Students of any age can predict and create an experiment to test their thinking!source: kinderfriendly.blogspot.comCreate a Simple Magnet – What does it take to create a magnet. How strong will it be? What predictions can students make and how can the test their hypothesis?Explore Magnetic Silly Putty – What a fun way to complete 3-5 experiments. What predictions will students make based on their knowledge of magnets.Compare with Video Snippets – Students can compare what they’ve learned with the facts shared in these videos. What are some vocabulary words that can now be integrated while discussing experiments?There you have magnetism activities and experiments for kids. What a great and pointed collection from fantastic teachers. Be sure to follow each link to get the full idea.More Science

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