45 Best 100th Day of School Resources

Have you wondered what are the BEST ways to celebrate the 100th day of school? Here are 45 fantastic ways to have 100th day fun with activities, free hundredth day printables, party ideas, math, science and writing!Mid to late January is when most primary grades celebrate 100 days in the classroom, finding it a fun way to tie math into an entire day of learning.Have you seen? The Teach Junkie January activities collection is growing in numbers of pictured tutorials with free lesson plans so you can always search there if you’’re looking for something different. {wink}100th Day Snackssource: funkyfreshfirsties.blogspot.com1. 100th Day Cookies – Two simple kinds of cookies can make a perfect 100 shaped treat.source: mrsgreeneskindergartenkorner.blogspot.com2. 100 Grand – Stock up on some 100 Grand Bars at the Dollar Tree and tape them onto a treat card.source: www.pinterest.com3. A Healthy 100 – Use cucumber slices and a baby carrot for a healthy hundred day snack alternative.source: dixiedelights.blogspot.com4. Fruit Loops Printable Snack Bag Topper – For kindergarten classes who want 100 piece Froot Loop necklaces made (or to send home) then this “100 Days in the Kindergarten Loop” snack bag topper is an easy way to close a treat bag.Estimating How Big is 100source: doodlebugsteaching.blogspot.com5. Guestimation – Fill a few containers with classroom items to see if students can guess or estimate if the container had 100 items. Then count the objects to check their assumptions.source: mrswheelerfirst.blogspot.com6. How Many M&M’s Are There – Set up three containers with M&M’s and fill one with a hundred. Can students guess which container is the correct one?source: snippetsbysarah.blogspot.ca7. 100 Drops of Water – Students predict how much will 100 drops of water actually be in a jar.100th Day Activitiessource: kinder-pond.blogspot.com8. Hunting For Kisses – Send your class on a hunt throughout the day for 100 hidden Hershey kisses.source: littlecatskindergarten.blogspot.ca9. 100 Seconds of Silence Challenge – Let them earn $100 {wink} for taking on a challenge of 100 seconds of silence.source: mrsleeskinderkids.blogspot.com10. Roll Dice to 100 – Use a variety of colors to count the rolls of a die to get to 100. Estimate the number or rolls to get there then compare.100 Days Poetrysource: firstgradeandfabulous.blogspot.com11. 100 Word Poem – A poem with 100 words just for fun.source: mrswebsterscc.blogspot.com12. Counting Letters Rhyme – A poem with 100 letters just for fun.100th Day Projectssource: buzzingaboutsecondgrade.blogspot.com13. What Does Your 100 Days Make – Here’s a great activity for deeper-level work and for gifted and talented students. Let students use a 100 template to create an entirely new design, complete with details and writing.source: wolfelicious.blogspot.com14. What’s Your 100 Make – A younger version of how to create a design using a 100 template and a simple sentence strip.source: larremoreteachertips.blogspot.com15. Gumballs For the 100th Day – Use a ten frame and circle cut-outs to help students make 100 gumballs.source: mrsleeskinderkids.blogspot.com16. 100 Ice Cream Flavors Cutout – Count by tens using scoops of ice cream for a yummy display.source: piecesbypolly.com17. I Survived 100 Days – Celebrate surviving 100 days (and perhaps the 100th day itself!) by creating a simple medal or necklace.Hundredth Day Writingsource: drclementskindergarten.blogspot.com18. What’s Your Favorite Thing – Students draw and write to tell what their favorite thing is to do in school.source: alyciazimmerman.com19. Questions For the 100th Day – Create a chart with 100 responses to make a unique group project.source: sprinklestokindergarten.blogspot.com20. If I had $100 – A writing page template for what students would do if they had $100.source: kindercraze.com21. 100 Days 100 Words – Create a class list of 100 words that your class can collectively write for a group project.source: first-grade-fever.blogspot.com22. My Book of Words – Break down writing 100 words independently into categories so students can make their own book of 100 words.100th Day Mathsource: surfinthroughsecond.com23. 100 Ways to Make 100 – While students enjoy eating snack, 2nd graders can work on figuring out 100 ways to write equations that equal 100.source: 1stgradefantabulous.blogspot.com24. True or False Math – Sort the math equations into true and false piles.source: firstgradealacarte.blogspot.com25. Color By Code – Color a hidden 100 by coloring the odd and even numbers (within 100).source: simplyskilledinsecond.blogspot.com26. What Can I Buy With 100 Dollars – How to keep the 100th day an easy day with one activity in 2nd grade! Bring out old Scholastic order forms, calculators and allow students to go book shopping and “spend” exactly $100.100th Day Prepsource: firstgradecrittercafe.blogspot.com27. Announcing the One Hundredth Day – A sample parent letter to help you create yours announcing the 100th day of school and bringing in collections of 100 items.source: joyfullearninginkc.blogspot.com28. 100th Day Hallway Banner – If your section of the hallway could use a makeover, the whole school will be jealous of your 100th day fun.100th Day Hatssource: growingkinders.blogspot.com29. 100 Days Smarter Hat – Create a tall paper strip hat with 100 decorations and an “I am 100 days smarter” front.source: makinglearningfun.com30. 100th Day Crown – A “We’ve been here 100 days” headband crown template in black and white.source: mrstsfirstgradeclass-jill.blogspot.com31. 100th Day Visor – Students (or a parent volunteer) can create 100th day visors from inexpensive foam. Includes a template, a 100 day bingo and an alternative version on roll the dice to 100 game – gumball style.100 Day Funsource: yourcreativejuices.blogspot.com32. Personalized Money – How to create personalized hundred dollar bills with your students’ faces on them. So cute!source: fun-in-first.blogspot.com33. “Snow” Much Smarter After 100 Days Bookmark – Encourage reading with these bookmarks.source: technologyrocksseriously.com34. 100th Day Websites For Kids – 7 websites that all work around the number 100 that are targeted towards kindergarten through grade 2.source: mrsrojasteaches.blogspot.com35. 100 Legos – Students see what they can build with 100 legos in between activities and draw a picture and write a sentence about their structure.Freebie Printablessource: theteacherschatterbox.blogspot.com36. 100th Day Unit – A 16 page printable that has blank 100 charts, an explanation of how 10 groups of 10 items equals 100, writing number words to 100, an I-spy activity and a 100 fill in the blank writing page.source: inspiredbykindergarten.blogspot.com37. Zero the Hero – This 18 page teacher-created read aloud is a fun way to illustrate when “Zero the Hero” comes into play in the number sequence to reinforce counting.source: whattheteacherwants.blogspot.com38. Hip Hop Hooray For 100th Day – An 11 page packet to help make 100th day trail mix, draw what they will look like at 100 years old and a 100 tallies dice game.source: kinderalphabet.blogspot.com39. Activities For the 100th Day – A set of 9 pages to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s to 100, a “100 club” for kindergartners who can count to 100 and a printable “My 100 Book.”source: joyfullearninginkc.blogspot.com40. 100 Day Kindergarten Stations – If you prefer a center/stations style of day, here are 14 table signs and activity ideas including Legos, a walk, and building creative structures.Videos for the 100th Day Curious George Counts to 100 – This short 1:23 video is a quick video modeling counting in groups of ten to get to one hundred (or one dollar). It would make a great introduction to writing what students wouldn’t want to do 100 times.42. Fancy Nancy – The 100th Day of School – Having a hard time to find anything to represent 100 days, Fancy Nancy tries to come up with a creative idea in this 8:35 read aloud.Hundreds Chartssource: firstgraderatlast.blogspot.com43. 100 Chart Puzzle – Put together a 100 chart when it’s cut into pieces.source: sharingkindergarten.com44. Fill in the 100 Chart – Fill in chart using the fives and tens as helping clues.source: starfall.com45. Fill in the Blank to 100 – Fill in the 27 missing numbers to complete this 1-100 worksheet.I hope you found these fantastic activities and lesson ideas to be helpful in planning out your 100th day. Thanks talented teachers – your lesson ideas are great! Feel free to share your “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” badge on your blog, facebook or instagram. You earned it! {{boo-yah}}P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the Teach Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific lesson ideas/collections that you are looking for. I’ll be happy to find them for you.More Themed Fun

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