28 Simple Mother’s Day Crafts and Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day poems and gifts make the perfect activities in school. Students can create Mother’s Day crafts, gifts and use poems for Mother’s Day to make it a special occasion.You’ve got an audience of one to create for and we know that she’ll treasure gifts from such little hands.These gifts are simple and easy to do in the classroom. Many incorporate writing {which is an added bonus}.Many of these projects take materials already on hand at your school, could be donated or easily collected. Moms will love them for sure and enjoy them as keepsakes for years.source: brilliantbeginningspreschoolutah.com1. Love You to Pieces – Create a card that is adorable and super simple. This easy craft can be created by preschoolers with help up to second graders independently. It sends a clear an colorful message using construction paper and a bi-fold card. Everyone has these materials on hand so this is a free activity.source: teacherideafactory.blogspot.com2. Big Heart – Show off the big hearts of your students by capturing these precious moments on camera. Take photos of students holding their arms in the air and then have them embellish their cards. Perfect way to practice letter writing by creating a “Dear Mommy” letter inside.source: wolfelicious.blogspot.com3. Tea Pot Poem – Whether you invite moms to tea at school or desire to send home a gift with a card, this is a simple and great gift for moms. Use stamps, coloring or paint to add some personality to these tea pots and the poem to boot will make moms smile.source: mandys-tips-4-teachers.blogspot.com4. My Mother is the Sweetest – This cupcake craftivity card is also a coupon book. It is a cut and paste then decorate activity that can be finished in under 45 minutes. You could even have students create their own coupons for mom to cash in. This is definitely sweet! {Free download}source: kinderkiddies1.blogspot.com5. Card Purse and Flower – Turn your card into it’s own envelope by making the shape into a purse. Writing a note on the inside and decorating the outside make this a tidy little package and one purse that won’t be filled up by other people’s stuff {wink}. Add a tissue paper flower for pizzazz.source: sundaybaker.net6. Mother’s Day Purse Card – You’ll love this step by step tutorial on creating a purse card that is an oval shape and can hold letters, love notes, a new set of post its or a candy bar for mom. You can bling it out with foam stickers, rhinestones or buttons and each will be unique.source: seedsofnoledge.blogspot.com7. Top 10 Reasons I Love My Mom – These books are a great idea to list out the top 10 reasons why each child loves their mom into a booklet just for her. Create a cover or include a Mother’s Day poem in order to really make it a special keepsake and get a great primary classroom example of creating a brainstorming chart to get the ideas flowing.source: primaryjunction.blogspot.com8. Mother’s Day Book Gift – Start a conversation about the things moms do because they love their kids to get the ideas flowing and create a book that features favorites, loves and bests about mom. Give them a premade booklet for a final copy of their writing and wrap them in tissue paper.9. All About My Mom – This first grade printable book will make mom smile and laugh when she finds out just what her eight year old thinks are her bests, favorites and more.  {Free download}source: learningwithmrsparker.blogspot.com10. Painted Flower Pens – Paint the inside of jars to create a painted flower holder. Create a flower pen to place inside to create a functional gift for mothers day.11. Coffee Filter Flowers – If your kiddos want to give mom flowers that will last a lot longer than a week, you can use this step by step tutorial on how to create coffee filter flowers using pipe cleaners, coffee filters, markers and water. The colors turn out beautiful!source: mrsgreeneskindergartenkorner.blogspot.com12. Flower Pots – Decoratively paint little clay pots to create a flower holder as a children’s craft. Create a beautiful tissue paper flower or pen flower like this one and add some Easter egg basket grass to pull it together.source: whytewater.blogspot.com13. Fingerprint Poem – Create a heart shape filled poster using fingerprints. This adorable “dirty fingerprints” poem that you could type and print to turn into a poster or placemat.14. Handprint Butterfly Poem – Create a simple hand print butterfly for Mother’s Day. Blow up to construction paper sized to make this a print and paint gift. Laminate and you’ve got a beautiful piece of artwork that will make an impression. Problem solved.source: schroederpage.blogspot.com15. ‘Thumb Body’ Loves You – Create a sweet necklace that features a child’s thumbprint. You’ll get the tutorial on how to make the molding material and have a cute printable to make this gift a tiny and sweet, complete gift for Mother’s Day. {Free download}source: kinderfriendly.blogspot.com16. Fingerprint Bookmarks – Make a quick and simple Mother’s Day bookmark using fingerprints to create a flower design. These are very inexpensive and are sure to be loved! Add a ribbon to make it extra special just for mom. {Free download}17. Mother’s Day Books – Have your students write all about what mom does best in this mini-book. Connect it to the read-aloud book What Mommies Do Best and you’re set to go. {Free download}source: Cookbook – Combine the favorite recipes of moms in the class with student versions of their favorite recipes to make one functional and cute cookbook. This will definitely keep a special place in the collection of gifts over the years. {Free download}source: lovelylittlesnippets.blogspot.com19. Hershey Bar Wrappers – Send home a little chocolate gift to the room mothers or for each kiddo to take home. Wrap a Hershey’s candy bar with these prtinable covers and mom will know that she’s extra special.  {Free download}source: lovethosekinders-kinderkay.blogspot.com20. Hand with Flowers – Create an art project based on Pablo Picasso’s “Hand With Flowers.” Children can trace their hands onto colored construction paper {options for choosing their own skin color} and glue onto white paper. Using green paper, colored paper circles and sponge paint – this bouquet will be a long lasting centerpiece for Mother’s Day.source: steppingintofirstgrade.blogspot.com21. Flower Coupons – Use craft sticks and paper cut outs of potted flowers. These blooms will bring great joy as students could think of jobs that they can do to show love on Mother’s Day. They write the job on the flower and place the flowers together inside the pot.source: artrageousafternoon.blogspot.com22. Hands With Bouquet – Create a 3D set of flowers that are held by a tracing of the student’s hand. Use green construction paper strips to create stems and tissue paper wrapped on the end of a pencil to make simple and easy to glue flowers. A beautiful and simple Mother’s Day craft.source: kindergartensmiles.blogspot.com23. Mother’s Day Stationary – This one might just be my favorite. I have done it for a buddy reading gift using our older buddy names as decor, but these precious sets of personalized cards will be adored when mom writes on it and when it is received. Create the template for the front and then simply copy, cut and wrap.source: kinderfriendly.blogspot.com24. Watercolor Vase – You can paint anything like a vase of flowers for Mother’s Day. Use watercolors to make these show the detail in the drawings which makes them fantastic and memorable. Quick and easy to complete in one session.source: teachingblogaddict.com25. Tile Trivets – Ask for a donation from your local big box hardware store for plain white glossy tiles. Use markers to create a unique design that shouts “Mother’s Day” and can be used as a trivet, a paper weight or even a garden stone.source: growingkinders.blogspot.com26. Shrinky Dink Bracelets – Make a piece of jewelry for mom to wear and show off the love of her children. Use a material like Shrinky Dinks so that children can create a design and then it can be added as the featured jewel onto a bracelet or necklace. This tutorial will walk you through it. This project will take a little longer but there is a personalized wow factor and it is easy to complete.source: kindergartendoodles.blogspot.com27. Mother’s Day Gift Wrap – Tissue paper is a great way to wrap gifts for Mother’s Day but if you create something small or 3D like the flower pots above personalized gift wrap may be the way to go. Have students decorate paper sack lunch bags and simply staple shut. You’ve got a gift tag included if they write directly on the bag too.source: themathsolution.blogspot.com28. Photo Frame – Make a frame out of poster board like is so popular on Pinterest for the first day of school, but make it for mom. Have students hold up the frame and get their picture taken with it. If you use a poster like this sample, then make a popsicle stick frame to jazz up your photos.Now that’s a collection that has a little bit of everything from books to clay prints to flowers and photos. I’ve got your back with Mother’s Day approaching to help you save time by finding a great idea.Thanks talented teachers – your ideas will make many moms feel special this year! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.Want something different? Check out these Mother’s Day photo overlays that go on photos you take of your students – they are super cute!Looking for more along the lines of cards to make for moms? Check out these 9 Easy Mothers Day Cards to Make in School.End of the Year Ideas

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