21 Super Activities for Teaching Moon Phases

Teaching the phases of the moon just got a little easier. Here are 21 super moon phases activities and resources including a few printables, a song and videos. I hope these can help you teach phases of the moon for kids in meaningful ways!Have you seen? The Teach Junkie physical science section is growing in numbers of pictured tutorials with free lesson plans for how to teach science so you can always search there if you’re looking for something different. {wink}Phases of the Moon Songs1. Moon Song – The moon is what this entire song is about. You’ll love that it hits vocabulary like new moon, the names of all of the phases and that it will help you teach effectively! 2. Phases of the Moon Rap – Students will dig listening to this 3:43 video which is a rap song. It will go over the moon phases and keep everyone tapping their toes right along. 3. Moon Phases to Cee Lo’s Forget You – I love when teachers take a popular song and modify it to teach their curriculum. Students gravitate towards listening intently! Here is a 3:41 audio video that will go through each phase in more detail. 4. Rock Version Phases of the Moon – Here is a 4 min. video sung by students that will illustrate how the moon is lit up by the sun and the names of each phase.Moon Phase Printables for Teacherssource: deceptivelyeducational.blogspot.com5. Phases of the Moon Game – Take your lunar learning and turn it into a fun game of Yahtzee! You’ll love the repeated practice hidden in this game.Source: www.adayinfirstgrade.com6. My Moon Book – Here is emergent reader with 2 versions that is perfect for first or second grade. One is about the moon and the other is about the phases of the moon to print in black and white.Source: thebilingualcafe.com7. I See the Moon – Here is a 29 page mini-unit that is free. It contains a graphic organizer, phase cards and poster along with a journal and craft.FoldablesSource: amyalvis.blogspot.com8. Foldable Phases of the Moon – You’ll love how to take an interactive activity that gets kids acting out the phases of the moon and extend it by creating a foldable to accompany your science notebooks.Source: mrsschmelzer.blogspot.com9. Moon Black Foldable – Here are some great read alouds to accompany a primary study of the moon phases for kids along with a foldable using black and yellow construction paper.Creating Books About the MoonSource: teachingspecialthinkers.com10. Moon Phases Mini Book – Students write words to describe the new moon, crescent moon, quarter moon and so on.11. Flip Book – Here is how you can create a flip book (flip it upside down to finish reading) that has some text and uses black circle cutouts to create the moon phases.Teaching Phases of the MoonSource: msjonesjunction.blogspot.com12. Anchor Chart Moon – Use a diagram of the Earth, sun and moon to keep around for reference as students work.13. Night Comes – Here is a poem that makes a great addition to learning about the phases of the moon for kids. Jot down this poem onto a large chart paper to accompany your classroom physical science displays.source: teachingspecialthinkers.com14. Chalk Art Moon Phases – Create a chalk art version to illustrate the moon using black construction paper and white chalk.source: a2ndgradeadventure.blogspot.com15. Paper Plate Moon Phases – Sandwich 8 circle pieces of paper (cut into circles with a handle) in between 2 paper plates. Add labels and students could even add their own text as a shape book for writer’s workshop.source: teachingjunkie.blogspot.com16. Moon Phases Board – Put students in the place of the Earth so that they can literally view the way the moon changes as it orbits the Earth.source: messyjofu.blogspot.com17. Oreo Cookie Moon Phases – Eating their way through the phases of the moon in oreos just makes the perfect hook to get kids into learning science.Source: whatdowedoallday.com18. DIY Moon Phase Puzzle – Create a long puzzle for students to explore matching phases with the correct shapes and putting them in the correct order.Online Resources for Moon PhasesSource: thesciencepenguin.com19. Moon Phases Calendar – Here is a website resource that you will love to show the moon phases in a calendar month to make observations and analyze patterns of the phases. A great alternative to sending home a calendar for students to fill out.20. Interactive Games and Activities – You’ll find a helpful list of 12 more videos, resources and downloads that will help round out your lunar explorations.Source: Moon Match – Here’s a digital version of the moon phase puzzle above. Students order and label in an online interactive moon match game.I hope you found these super resources and lesson ideas to be helpful in planning out your science lesson plans. Thanks talented teachers – your printables and lessons are great!P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the Teach Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific lesson ideas/collections that you are looking for. I’ll be happy to find them for you!| SUBMIT YOUR TIP |More Science10 Scientific Method Tools to Make Science EasierSheer Magnetism {Science Ideas}Rocks for Kids – 15 Fun Activities and IdeasForce and Motion ExperimentsPin8KShare49Email8K Shares

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