16 Fun QR Code Learning Activities for Free

Here is a fun way to use qr code technology to teach. Use task cards, scavenger hunts and more qr code learning activities to work on standards! These 16 activities range for different grades – but they are all free!You can download and print the activities to use in your classroom. Use them with a qr code reader on your smartphone, tablet or classroom iPads. If you’re looking for more qr codes in the classroom then you’ll definitely want these audio stories for the whole year!Language Arts QR CodesContraction Scoot – Students write down the contraction pair on their recording sheet and get immediate feedback. For 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade.source: elenikyritsis.comReflection Cube Template – Reflecting on lessons can get a little repetitive – so jazz up the questions by rolling to see which one students will answer,Real/Silly Word Sort {QR Code} – A free printable CVC word sort with a surfing theme that will allow students to self-correct.Mean, Median, Mode, Range QR Code Activity – Students in third grade, fourth grade or fifth grade use number cards as manipulatives to order the numbers before finding the mean, median mode and range.source: digitaldivideandconquer.blogspot.comBreaking the Code – Students scan a code on the worksheet and are taken to a story. They complete the worksheet by answering the questions related to the story.QR Codes for Primary Mathsource: technologyinearlychildhood.comTeen Number with Ten Frames – Kindergarten students write and illustrate the teen number scanned inside the ten frames.Addition and Subtraction Scavenger Hunt – Solving equations around the classroom and self checking for accuracy in first grade.Scan the Room (Addition) – Moving around the classroom to find the solution only to have to scan your next equation to solve is so much fun! Designed for first and second grade.Base Ten Blocks (to 24) – Count the base ten blocks and check your work. [no longer available]source: teachingwithnancy.comOrdering Numbers – Put 3 numbers in order from least to greatest to the hundreds place. [no longer available]3D Shapes Scavenger Hunt – Students record the 3D shapes as they go in search of answering the clues.Fraction Word Problem Task Cards – This jungle themed set of fraction word problems includes QR codes for self-checking.More QR Code Learning Activities100th Day of School Scavenger Hunt – Students answer 39 questions to color in a secret picture on the 100’s chart for the 100th day of school. You’ll want to be sure to find the link all the way at the end of this linked article.source: thewiseowlfactory.comIdentifying Types of Rocks – Have students identify which rock correctly matches for your all about rocks unit.11 QR Code Activities – An assortment of free activities (most of them are scan the room style) for math around the first and second grade range.source: peppyzestyteacherista.comTracking Late Student Work – While this isn’t a straight-up activity, it will definitely help you keep track of activities easily and it’s all digital so you won’t lose a thing.What a fun set of QR code learning activities! There are also tutorials included in many of these posts on how to make your own learning activities with qr codes for the classroom – so give it a go. Let us know how it works out.More Activities

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