10 Teacher Friendly Earth Day Go-To Activities

Earth day is April 22! Here are 10 teacher friendly go-to activities for Earth day to help you add poetry, games, graphing and projects into your curriculum seamlessly.You’ll find these Earth Day activities are good quality or simple to prepare, making them a go-to activity you’ll want to use each year.Earth Day ProjectsSource: ourdayourjourney.blogspot.com1. Paper Plate Globe – This project has two versions. One is a papier mache globe and the simplified paper plate Earth.Source: piwikids.com2. Save the Monarchs Earth Day Project – Join in the cause by helping keep the Monarch population growing by researching and propagating milkweed plants for your local area.A great month-long project that gives you room to make it yours.Source: teachertalk-addie.blogspot.caEarth Day Fun3. Earth Day Poetry Bookmarks – Combine national poetry month and Earth day with these poetry bookmarks. Students create similes, metaphors, rhyme and personification – all about the Earth!Source: mrsplemonskindergarten.com4. Earth Day Survey and Graph – Students can use a simple graph (designed for kindergarten) to gather and analyze data. Also includes free printable blank Earth day writing paper templates which can be used by all primary grades.5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Board Game – Teach the 3 R’s of being green as students sort trash items and move their way around a printable game board.Source: msdurning.blogspot.comFreebie Units for April 226. Earth and Sun Unit – Get into the nitty gritty of Earth & space science with this 11 page set of worksheets. Includes vocabulary like rotation, axis, orbit, seasons and a KWL chart.7. Just a Dream to Save Our Planet – Based off of the book Just a Dream, this set of resources encourages discussion and focuses on environmental issues. Designed for third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade.Source: babalisme.blogspot.comGoing Green Printables9. Earth Day Pledge – Have students reflect on what they will and will not do in terms of their daily habits that will help contribute to taking care of the Earth.8. Earth Day Printable Emergent Reader – Bring in both science and social studies into your first or second grade guided reading groups with this printable emergent reader. It’s all about Earth day!10. Fast Activities for Earth Day and Printables – In case you missed this last year, here are 7 fast activities to hit Earth day and do it justice.Includes a simple “I love the Earth” writing prompt coloring page, Earth day worksheets, coloring pages, vocabulary set and a poem about recycling.So there you have it! 10 activities for Earth day that can be your go-to’s for years to come.If you’re looking for something else, be sure to check out these 7 Classroom Ready Free Earth Day Activities.Thanks to these generous teachers for sharing their fantastic activities with us – you ladies are great! Feel free to grab my “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button. You earned it!Like letting me find things for you? Join the newsletter and get creative and free teacher articles – delivered to your inbox weekly.| SUBMIT YOUR TIP |More Spring Activities

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