Time Saving Reading Comprehension Bookmarks

When reading is happening in your classroom, encourage reading comprehension with these bookmark reading record rings. Here is a free set of reading comprehension bookmarks that double as reading records. How?Students use the bookmarks to take notes during reading and simply add the hole-punched bookmark to a ring, creating a record of what they’ve read. Each bookmark is like a mini book report!Featured from Teaching Idea TuesdayReading Comprehension Bookmarks & Record RingsPrint the bookmark template pages you need for asking comprehension questions of your readers for non-fiction, fiction or for tracking the number of pages read. Then cut the bookmarks and hole punch the top center to use them with your class.When students are done writing down their ideas and answers, they can use their bookmarks to facilitate discussion and add them to a ring to keep a log of their reading. This reading record ring can be ultra-organized by using different colored paper for tracking genres!CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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