The BEST April Fools Hoax Ever – It’s the Teacher’s Turn!

Are you gearing up for a great April fools hoax to use in your classroom? Here is a great hook, line and sinker activity that makes this the best April fool day trick for first and second grade.Start out with an all-realistic reading assignment on a special bird that appears on the first day in April. Take them on a journey for the price of a bag of carrots that’ll end up with priceless memories caught on camera.Source: sunnydaysinsecondgrade.blogspot.comApril Fools Lirpaloof Bird Hunt ActivitySo, here’s how you make your class go nuts {in a good way} on April Fools Day. Start out with a reading activity and explain how you’ll take time to catch a glimpse of the elusive, but gorgeous lirpaloof bird.Handing out a bag of carrots, you head outdoors and begin your search to no avail. Upon returning empty handed… do some nifty fake googling of how to catch the elusive lirpaloof bird and “discover” that it can be found by having it’s name called out backwards.So, as a class work out the new bird call by writing the name backwards where the entire class can read it aloud. “Happy April Fools!”CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?  

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