Teaching Addition – March Task Cards

Teaching addition and subtraction in the primary grades means giving lots of opportunities to practice. Here is a free set of basic task cards for teaching addition and subtraction.You’ll find that you can use these in a variety of ways in March – like playing scoot or hiding them around the room to make it a “read the room” activity. These are printable first grade and second grade materials for how to teach math.Featured from Teaching Idea TuesdayMarch Themed Task Cards for Teaching AdditionPrint off a recording sheet for students or have students create their own. There are 18 addition and subtraction facts to solve – with one fact per card. The cards are numbered so that work can be checked against the answer key.Students solve the equations and record their answers. Take it deeper by having them show their thinking or to draw out their answer. Giving quick practice for addition and subtraction just got a little easier!CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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