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Looking for a simple printable reading log to track at-home reading? Look no further. This free reading log is ready to download and print.Track the titles of books that your students are reading at home. Parents and students can fill out the title of books read in the widest column.One of my favorite features of this book log is that it encourages multiple readings of the same book. Especially if that’s a guided reading book or a library book!There are check boxes to mark if the book is read by the parent, by the child, or to mark if the book is read together. It helps you get a much better picture of what reading at home is like.Parents initial at the end of each entry to verify. You could easily print this reading log double sided with the month already filled in and it has enough entry spaces to cover one entry per day.It is simple enough that you can use it however you like. Write in your own directions above the title.I hope you can use it. Come on over to my blog to download your free reading log sheet…Continue Reading On My Blog– Originally posted on Teaching Blog Addict| Submit Your Tip |More Reading

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