Subtraction Dr. Seuss Style: One Fish Two Fish

Subtraction within 20 is made fun with a Dr. Seuss themed workmat. Here’s how to use counters, number cards and a Dr. Seuss inspired “One Fish Two Fish” workmat to practice subtracting. This first grade activity is perfect for working out examples and creating matching equations with dry erase markers.source: thankgoditsfirstgrade.blogspot.comOne Fish Two Fish Subtraction Workmat ActivityBetter than just a worksheet, this workmat will feel interactive to your students. Plus, their work will be unique to that of any other students working alongside since students pull number cards to create their subtraction equations. I love the idea of using a fish bowl to pull a card from in order to make it more unique. Students will enjoy acting out the equation, writing the equation and erasing it to start again. Any type of manipulative will work in this activityCONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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