Snowman Cut n’ Build {Free Download}

Let students show their uniqueness by creating their own snowman! This snowman activity works great to connect to descriptive writing, even for younger grades. Students can cut and build their own and add lots of descriptive words to share how theirs is unique. If you need a writing template to go with this activity, be sure to check out “All I Need for a Snowman” here on Teach Junkie.How can students create their own cut n’ build snowman? There are grayed areas to help students assemble theirs correctly, but the decorating is left up to what you have. Use any materials like construction paper, scrapbook paper, yarn, buttons, sequins, sticks, cotton balls and leave the rest to your students’ creative minds.Snowman Cut n’ Build {Free Download}Snowman Cut n’ Build {Free Download}More IdeasBring in science by using real twigs for armsDiscuss texture and the five senses if you use fabric scraps and buttonsSend these home as a family project and have each family member contribute one item that represents them!Enlarge onto 11×17 construction paper to make impressive hallway sized snowmenMore on Snowmen

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