Sight Words Scavenger Hunt

Take your students on a sight words scavenger hunt. Here is a guided reading group lesson idea to help teach spelling patterns in text. Helping students learn spelling patterns, like silent e or oo as in boot can help them learn to decode and attempt using word attack strategies on their own.By using guided reading books and transparent bingo chips you can give a tactile way for students to see these spelling patterns. This also works for sight words!Source: commoncoreconnectionusa.blogspot.comScavenger Hunt for Spelling Patterns and Sight WordsTake the spelling pattern or sight word that you are focusing on with a group. Build up the excitement for going on a scavenger hunt and lay out the ground rule expectations for student work.Using the transparent bingo chips, students highlight words with the spelling pattern or highlight the entire sight word. This can help kindergarten and first grade students begin to see examples of what you are teaching within the text they learn to read on their own…CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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