Place Value Printable Card Game

Get the whole class involved reviewing place value. This is a place value printable game that is an “I Have, Who Has?” style game.It includes 30 cards with a place value statement and question and a fun bubble gum theme. Second grade, third grade and fourth grade students can play this place value game.Source: applefortheteach.blogspot.comBubble Gum Place Value Printable Card GamePass out all of the 30 bubble gum themed playing cards to participants. Some students could have more than one card if you have less than 30 students. Choose a player to read their card out loud, beginning the game.The student with the card that correctly answers the question read aloud reads their card aloud, taking their turn. Play continues until the game ends with the last card being read aloud.Perhaps a piece of bubble gum for those who answered their cards correctly as a fun incentive?CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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