Multiplication Fluency Space Jam Game {Printable}

Build fluent multiplication fact solvers for third grade. Here is a multiplication fluency fact game that is perfect for partners to play in centers or stations. Just like a “bang” or “boom” game, students draw cards and work through the multiplication facts. But if they draw a space jam card – look out!Source: pitnerm.blogspot.comMultiplication Fluency Space Game {Printable}For this game, you’ll want to add a timer to encourage building fluency. The player with the most cards at the end of the time wins – which hopefully means that you didn’t draw a space jam card! This fun twist means that pulling more cards also means, while you have a better chance of racking up points – you’re also one card closer to having to put all of your cards back. Such a fun way to practice multiplication facts…Continue Reading On The Blog| Submit Your Tip |More Multiplication Math Games

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