Guided Drawing – How to Draw Cat in the Hat

Draw the Cat in the Hat in March as a guided drawing lesson and to celebrate Read Across America.Theodore Geisel, the author of the beloved Dr. Seuss books is celebrated as a master of creativity, rhyming and thinking outside the box.source: foreverin1st.blogspot.comGuided DrawingUse this guided drawing tutorial: how to draw Cat in the Hat to draw one of his most famous characters in three steps.These beautiful drawings will be a great addition to your classroom writing pieces. No matter what primary grade level you teach, you can find a way to make this part of your classroom activities.Add a Writing PieceWriting is probably one of the most natural extensions of this activity or to help you meet your Common Core standards.Here are some starter writing ideas to go along with your guided Cat in the Hat drawings.If you teach kindergarten:Write a list of rhyming words around the page.Write labels.Write an opinion piece about if they think the Cat in the Hat is overall good or naughty.If you teach first grade:Create word family lists around the pageAdd a speech bubble to tell what they would say to the CatWrite about how the  illustrations impact the storyIf you teach second grade:Create their own rhyming phrase using household objects in a similar Seuss styleWrite 3 facts about the authorHow could you use such a cute idea to improve student attention to detail and connect it to writing? I’m sure there are many more ideas out there that I missed!Be sure to get the step-by-step guided drawing tutorial. Think learning how to draw Cat in the Hat could inspire your students?More Seuss-InspiredMore Writing Activities

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