Friday Art Feature – With an Earth Day Twist

How does your school celebrate Earth Day?We have a whole week of activities planned for next week, but I wanted to get an early start in my classroom, and give the students a little something to think about over the weekend (and yes, I even gave them some Earth Day homework).I think it’s so important for students to recognize that they can make a difference, and even changing little things at school and home can add up to a BIG difference.I gave the students a copy of my Earth Day report cards and gave the students the choice to complete a report card for the classroom or the school.They loved that they needed to interview the principal, secretary, and custodian to find out some of the answers for the questions. They were also quite surprised by some of the answers and how we are trying to be green “behind the scenes”.Students took an area of need determined by the report card and came up with a plan as to how they could help improve this. I LOVED some of their answers, and can’t wait to implement some of these plans next week.Students have the home version of the Earth Day report cards for homework this weekend – I want them to complete the report card with a family member on Sunday.We also completed a fantastic art collage with recycled magazines. The finished products were stunning! I used these are projects and their Earth Day plans to put together an Earth Day bulletin board just outside my classroom.Come on over to my blog to read a little more and see how I put it all together on my bulletin board (and if you haven’t grabbed your FREE copy of my Earth Day report cards, you can get the link there).Continue Reading On My Blog– Originally posted on Teaching Blog Addict| Submit Your Tip |More Earth Day

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