Free Comprehension Strategy Posters and Story Element Posters

Today I’m going to share some story elements posters and comprehension strategy posters with you all.I posted about the Comprehension Strategy posters a while back over at my little blog, but since then I’ve added a few additional strategy posters and some multi-cultural clip art. Woo hoo!I use these posters when introducing each of the elements and strategies.I like making two copies of them, one copy to use during guided reading time and another copy to display on my reading bulletin board. I find these to be especially helpful for students when they are working with a partner or independently.Download Free Reading PostersThey act as great visuals for students to refer back to all year long.I hope you enjoy these, and can find a space for them in your own classroom!Have a FABULOUS school year!Stop by and visit me to hear some funny first grade stories and to grab more free resources!Continue Reading On My Blog– Originally posted on Teaching Blog AddictHave You Seen

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