Dr. Seuss Worksheets and a Lorax Paper Bag Puppet

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is a fun way to incorporate themed classroom activities. Learning how to draw Cat in the Hat isn’t the only way to have whimsical fun with Dr. Seuss.Here are two free downloads that can inspire whimsical learning fun in your classroom this March if you teach first or second grade.This first set of worksheets is like a gift especially in you are in need of a last minute work page since it’s all ready to go.source: teachergonedigital.blogspot.comGrab this Dr. Seuss worksheet packet. It’s 8 pages that include: graphing, writing, making connections, work work and abc order.source: firstclassteacher.blogspot.comThis next project lends itself to any number of language arts activities.By creating such a cute Lorax puppet, you can easily have the right hook to get your students in the mood for writing responses, opinions, persuasive letters, etc.With these two free downloads, celebrating the life of Dr. Seuss just got easier.Now you won’t have to be the one to create every part of the lesson plan, but you can let these help direct you or give you inspiration.I know that in my classroom my students would love to have the puppet displayed along with their writing piece out in the hallway.More Seuss-Inspired

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