A Fishy Competition Subtraction Game

Need a quick, last minute subtraction game? Here is a subtraction game for kids using materials you probably already have on hand in your classroom.If you have dice, white boards and markers and some Goldfish crackers stashed away – then you’ve got the scene set for this quick subtraction skill review game for first grade.Source: agradeonenutandhersquirrelycrew.blogspot.caGoldfish Subtraction Game Within 10Students pair up to play this game and start out with 10 goldfish. You can alter the game to use manipulatives instead of crackers or adjust the number range for differentiation. This math game for kids starts out with one partner rolling a die to see how many fish are to be eaten.They write the subtraction equation to match on a white board or dry erase free printable game mat. Then the second person rolls to see how many more fish are to be subtracted.This helps students see two-part math problems, review their subtraction skills and is food-related fun!CONTINUE READING ON THE BLOG| Submit Your Tip |Have You Seen?

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