40 Roll and Cover “Bump” Cool Math Games

Roll and cover games for math are a hit for helping students practice a multitude of math skills. Cool math games like all of these compiled here are dice games that help practice addition and subtraction with fun themes.You’ll find themed games by character, season and inspiring variations on this classic game.To make it a “bump” dice game, players can bump someone else off of a space or lock their space by creating a set of two objects (example: linking cubes). First player to get all of their pieces onto the game board wins.Character Gamessource: camp-we-wanna-learn-a-lot.blogspot.comParrot – This cool math game invites two dice to meet their pirate fate under the watchful eye of a pirate’s best friend. This cute game board helps with addition and building number sense to 12. {Free download}Pirates – Famous for her math freebies, this teacher will have your students claiming, “shiver me timbers!” This cute game board and coin cover-pieces help build addition skills and building number sense to 12. {Free download}source: learningahoy.blogspot.comMonster Cover Up – Students can play independently by playing it like “roll and cover” or could even use this as a roll and color activity. This friendly monster helps with addition and building number sense to 12. {Free download}Monster – Create your own game board with this monster-themed game board. Includes 12 spaces so you can incorporate any Common Core standard you prefer. Tailor it to your class or have students create their own game board. {Free download}source: www.mrsliretteslearningdetectives.comStar Friends – How creative is this play on the popular movie? This game board will make the coolest math game for boys, especially. Designed to be used with three dice and can be used by older students to practice mental math. {Free download}Silly Cat – Perfect for any time you read a Seuss book or for the month of March! This cat and hat game board will have students practicing adding 3 addends together. {Free download}source: grannygoestoschool.blogspot.comPilgrims – Need to work on skills in November? Cindy has created six game boards with a pilgrim theme to work on numbers 1-6 or for adding 2-12. {Free download}Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie – Perfect to accompany this story by Lucille Colandro, this Thanksgiving themed game board comes with 3 versions. There is a set for 1 die, 2 dice and 3 dice so you’re at the ready to differentiate for your students. {Free download}Spring GamesBee-Mine  – This great spring or Valentine’s Day version will have your students working with 3 addends. Bring on the math fun – just don’t get stung! {Ha!}source: sunnydaysinsecondgrade.blogspot.comLove Bug Bump – Bring on the insects for spring or tie into Valentine’s Day with this love bug game. Includes two versions – one for addition and one for multiplication. {Free download}Spring Bunny – You’ll love this one from the same author as above. She is great at making bump games! She includes a blank version so you can practice fractions, ela standards or anything!source: delightedinsecond.blogspot.comLove Bump (Subtraction) – This version works with 2 ten-sided dice and helps practice subtraction. Perfect for second grade. {Free download}Spring Owls Addition/Subtraction – You’ll love having both an addition game and subtraction game in this free download. These spring owls come with an equally springy set of recording equations worksheets from Herding Kats in Kindergarten. {no longer available}source: kindermyles.blogspot.comEaster Monsters – Help students develop strong number sense within 10 by working on subtracting from 10. This cute Easter monster game board will be cool and cute appealing to both boys and girls. {Free download}Groundhog  – You’ll love having both an addition game and subtraction game in this free download that has us thinking spring! Starring Punxatawney Phil from Herding Kats in Kindergarten. {Free download}Winter Gamessource: guided-math.comChristmas Multiplication Roll and Cover – Bring on the cool math for upper grades. Work on multiplication in third grade and fourth grade but make it fun for students. {Free download}Addition/Multiplication Brrr – Winter gear creates a themed game board for addition or multipliaction. Two versions included to help you meet your students’ needs. {Free download}source: idreamoffirstgrade.blogspot.comThe Mitten – This one has me inspired as I love seeing an image on the game board in place of digits. Use 3 dice to practice first grade and second grade Common Core standards. Includes a fun twist for rolling three of the same number. Genius! {Free download}Polar Pals – Take a trip to the North Pole and practice adding multiple addends. This winter addition game board is perfect for a quick match during math centers or as an independent activity. {Free download}Snowflakes – If you could use some snowflakes, this winter bump game will do the trick. Students add 3 dice together to get the sum. {Free download}source: mrsjamesfirstgrade.blogspot.comArctic Bump – Add two dice together in this literally “cool” math game. Fitting for first grade or kindergarten, students will improve their subitizing and arithmetic skills. {Free download}Snowman Multiplication – You’ll fall in love with the themed fun that Lisa brings to her fourth grade classroom games. She includes four playing mats to make a winter wonderland of multiplication games that are cool for fourth graders. {Free download}Happy New Year – Gingerbread celebrate ringing in the New Year. There is a set for 1 die, 2 dice and 3 dice so you’re at the ready to differentiate for your students. {Free download}St. Patrick’s Gamessource: freebie-licious.blogspot.comMarch Roll & Cover – Play with a partner, or turn it into a roll and color game with the included black and white version. Students will roll a pair of dice and find the sum. {Free download}Clover Bump – Use clover leaves as your game board. The creator of this game board, April says it best when she says that bump is when, “learning and fun “bump” into each other. She is so right and this game is for first grade addition. {Free download}Shamrock Roll and Cover – Shamrocks make the backdrop for this roll and cover game. Designed for kindergarten an includes an independent worksheet. {no longer available}Lucky Gingers – Gingerbread adorned in lucky green garb makes an addition with three addends a great St. Patrick themed bump game board. The game spaces look like golden coins – talk about striking it rich with these free downloads. {Free download}source: livelovelaughkindergarten.blogspot.comOld Lady Who Swallowed a Clover – Three different game boards to go with 1 die, 2 dice addition or 3 dice games. Each board features a different character to go along with the Lucille Colandro St. Patrick’s Day book. {Free download}Jar of Luck – A jar full of shamrocks will have students in kindergarten or first grade feeling lucky. Whoever covers up 10 clovers first is undoubtedly the winner! {Free download}Summer Gamessource: livelovelaughkindergarten.blogspot.comOld Lady Who Swallowed a Shell – Bring on the sunshine and sandcastles with this beloved “old lady” character. Includes an addition version for 2 and 3 dice and recording sheets for both. {Free download}Birthday Cake and Balloons – Designed to color as an independent addition activity with 2 dice, you can easily have students play as partners until all spaces are colored. Determine a winner with whoever has the most colored spaces. {Free download}source: herdingkats.blogspot.comIndependence Day – Celebrate the USA and the 4th of July and practice addition or subtraction for kindergarten, first grade or second grade. Laminate or give students bingo daubers to play on their own copy. {Free download}Watermelon – Use watermelon seeds as your game board. This cute game board  is for first grade addition with numbers 2-12. {Free download}Off Roading (Subtraction) – Boys will think this is such a cool math game since it involves monster trucks! Kindergarten students can work on subtraction skills using two dice. {Free download}Shark’s Dinner (Subtraction) – This ocean themed subtraction game will have your kindergarten students subtracting one die number from the other and working within 6. {Free download}School GamesBack to School – This is another great version with pictures as places to lay counters or game pieces. This cool math game will be a hit at the beginning of the school year for first graders. Two game boards included. {Free download}Apple Pom Poms – Use different manipulatives to cover pieces like these pom poms for this apple themed game. Works on identifying and quantifying numbers 1-6 for kindergartners. {Free download}source: More 1 Less Swat the Fly – This different version will have students spinning instead of just rolling a dice. Them will be able to roll, spin and cover {well, swat!}. When playing in partners can use this like a bump board to keep in interesting. Includes up to 4 dice (numbers to 25). {Free download}source: ketchenskindergarten.blogspot.comCover with Pattern Blocks – This one is one of my favorites from this collection. I love the concept of students covering up their sums with pattern blocks. Kindergarten students will love that it creates a picture and gives them a sense of purpose for adding 3 addends. {Free download}source: allstudentscanshine.blogspot.caABC’s –  Who said bump games had to be just for math? Here is a great example of how you can create a game in this style for any skill you want to give repeated practice for. The alphabet game is a great way for Kindergarten students to work on mastery or preschoolers to practice covering with a bingo dauber. {Free download}Love this game concept now? With these 40 cool math games you are armed with plenty for all year! I learned that the same skill can feel fresh all year and can be changed up with adding another dice or using a different style playing mat.Thank you fantastic teachers  for sharing your cool math games. I love your creations! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your roll and cover “bump” games are definitely worth the shout out.More MathMore Games

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