4 Must Use Foldables to Work on Summarizing Skills

This year, I have found myself gravitating more and more towards foldables. These little folded pieces of paper are such a great way to get the students involved and thinking about their learning in an engaging and meaningful way.Whenever we are doing something mundane and otherwise boring, I know a foldable can ALWAYS perk up the room!Lately, I have been using foldables a lot in science.Science is one of those subjects that is really hard for me to teach. We do the experiments, but then there is just so much background knowledge and other content to learn.Using these foldables has really helped me to streamline my teaching AND to get the kids engaged enough in the background to actually remember it!Come on over to Teaching in Room 6 to see all four of the different foldables that I have done in my latest unit on Living Systems for summarizing, and see how you can adapt them to use in your own classroom…Continue Reading On My Blog– Originally posted on Teaching Blog Addict| Submit Your Tip |More Foldables

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