4 ELA Beginning Reader CVC Games {Free Download}

Learning how to read is something that every student in kindergarten and first grade focuses on as they work on the fundamentals  They learn how to read CVC words as a reading strategy and teachers create fun reading activities and games to help students work on this important skills. Here are four games that can make learning how to read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words fun and engaging for students. These  games will include aliens, spring and Easter eggs – what a combination. The themes make these CVC games high interest to students and help make planning your ELA or guided reading group time simplified.If you have a creative reading game to share, you can upload your link or free download  to the Teach Junkie Community and include your details {and a link back to your blog if you have more you’d like to share there}. We’d love to see your ideas and I’ll be sure to spotlight it the next time I round up fun CVC games!CVC Gamessource: mrsliretteslearningdetectives.com1. Aliens & Out of this World – This fun CVC reading game uses cloze sentences to help them choose the right sight word. With this card game, you’ll be practicing two reading strategies at once! Students will like the Go Again cards and love the take a card ones that will keep this game in play. {Free download}source: pocketfullofkinders.blogspot.com2. Easter Egg Combinations – If you have left over Easter eggs or find some on sale you’ll love this combination game. Students use the pieces with an onset and rime written on the two parts. They create real and silly (nonsense) word combinations and record what they find. You have students record generally in these cases in order to give them purpose behind sounding it out – to see if it’s a real word or a nonsense word. {Free download}source: aturntolearn.blogspot.com3. Egged! – Use your reading strategies, but don’t get egged! This fun game will feel similar to a “snap” game since students may just have to put all of their cards back if they draw the “Egged” card. This game is perfect to play any time with students who are ready but will also be a perfect match for an oviparous theme or during the spring.4. Spring CVC Words Spin and Color – Students will love the opportunity to color based on the vowel that they spin in this word work activity. It’ll feel like a game since they’ll get to spin a vowel sound, read the CVC word and then color it in. Great for beginning readers in the spring.Did these creative games inspire you to use one or some in helping your students learn how to read cvc words? Be sure to let them know I sent you and give them a comment while you’re there – they are so awesome for investing time and sharing freebies with us. I hope this set of three games can help you teach a core reading strategy to your kindergartners or first graders.More Kindergarten and First Grade ELA

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