4 Easy and Quick Parts of a Plant Activities

April showers bring May flowers and parts of a plant lesson plans. Here are 4 easy and quick activities to review the parts of a plant with your kindergarten, first or second grade class.These flowers and plants crafts, poetry piece and science ideas makes teaching the life cycle of a plant more fun and engaging.Students will enjoy these as introductory or review activities. You’ll love that they are easy to integrate into your classroom.Quick Plant Parts ActivitiesSource: mrsliretteslearningdetectives.com1. Simple 3D Parts of a Plant Craft – Pull together a simple but meaningful craft as students create a 3D flower using items you probably already have around the classroom. Label the parts of the flower to review plant parts.Source: mpmschoolsupplies.com2. Eating the Parts of a Plant – Get food involved and you’re sure to hook them. Here is a simple printable mat to help students categorize the parts of plant with different real food plant parts.Then everyone gets to eat them of course!Ingeniously Easy Parts of a Plant ActivitiesSource: 2busybrunettes.com3. Coolest Parts of a Plant DIY Viewer – Create an easy viewer that allows your students to label, measure and easily take care of their growing plants during observation.This takes observation to a whole new level and only takes a handful of CD cases.Source: teachjunkie.com4. Cinquain Plant Poetry – Connect the world of science and writing by writing poems about plants. Have students use adjectives and plant vocabulary to write a cinquain poem accompanied by a beautiful hand drawn plant.No templates needed for this one!So there you have it! 4 easy and relatively quick activities that you can plug into your science (or writing) lesson plans. Thanks to these awesome teachers for sharing their best ideas with us – you ladies are great! Feel free to grab my “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button. You earned it!| Submit Your Tip |More Life Science

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