29 Free St. Patrick’s Day Learning Resources

Bring a little learning and fun into your classroom this Saint Patrick’s Day. Here are 29 free resources for teaching curriculum in March and on St. Patrick’s Day.You’ll like the printable activities, rainbow themed learning and shamrock fun!I hope you find this little collection of free and quick-prep materials helpful in your St. Patricks Day themed lesson planning.Writing for St. Patrick’s DaySource: thebubblyblondeteacher.blogspot.com1. Rainbow Craftivity – This adorable Froot Loops rainbow craftivity goes with a “Lucky Me,” “If I Saw a Rainbow” or an “At the End of the Rainbow I Found…” writing prompt.Source: msbeattie-samantha.blogspot.com2. Opinion Writing – Students write to explain why they would be THE BEST leprechaun with 3 reasons to support their opinion.Source: fallingintofirst.blogspot.com3. Four Things that I Treasure – Add some treasure to the end of the rainbow by focusing on what students treasure.Source: mrsminersmonkeybusiness.com4. Learn to Draw a Shamrock – Here is a the perfect shamrock guided drawing tutorial that will work for any grade!Source: maggieskindercorner.blogspot.com5. Label a Leprechaun – Work on labeling using a friendly little St. Pattie’s Day leprechaun.Saint Patrick Classroom FunSource: pinkadotselementary.blogspot.com6. Leprechaun Desk Cards – Leave little encouragement cards and a reward for spotting tidy desks. It’ll be a fantastic motivator since random sweeps of the leprechaun will keep students on their toes.Source: kindergartenlifestyle.blogspot.com7. Liquid Rainbow – Create an oil based rainbow that’ll have everyone’s attention.Source: firstclassteacher.blogspot.com8. Five Little Leprechauns – Add this poem to a pocket chart or use during your morning message with a poetry notebook.Source: creativelessoncafe.blogspot.com9. Little Leprechaun – To the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot” this cute little poem is a perfect printable for March 17th.ABC Order Pots of Gold10. ABC Order – Put the sets of St. Patrick themed words in alphabetical order.Source: polkadotfirsties.blogspot.com11. Leprechaun ABC Order – Put a list of 12 lucky words in order on this themed worksheet.Source: morethanmathbymo.blogspot.com12. St. Patrick’s Day ABC Order Cut and Paste Printable – Color, cut and paste 6-8 St. Paddy’s day words in order.Source: teachingwithloveandlaughter.blogspot.com13. St. Patricks Day ABC Order – Order the themed word cards and record them onto a 6 or 12 word list worksheet.Zany St. Patricks Day AnticsSource: keepinitkoolinkinderland.blogspot.com14. Leprechaun Trap (Parent Letter) – If you like to have students create a trap as a family project, this letter makes it simple to get started.Source: differentiatedkindergarten.com15. Leprechaun Mischief – Stir up the mischief factor by making leprechaun footprints to get your creative minds in gear!Source: acupcakefortheteacher.blogspot.com16. Rainbow Treasure Hunt – A set of printable clues that lead your class on a mini-treasure hunt and end at a pot of gold.St. Paddy’s Day Printables17. Lucky Leprechaun – This set of printables includes skip counting, fact and opinion and abc order.18. Short and Long Vowels Worksheet – Students fill in the correct short vowel (or long vowel) on the pot of gold.Source: kinderglynn.blogspot.com19. Roll a CVC – Roll the dice and make your move. Students will decipher if the CVC words are real or nonsense.Shamrock Math Activities20. Pot of Gold Roll and Cover – Cover the pot with gold coins by rolling a die using numbers, tallies or number words.Source: teacherstoolkitblog.com21. Missing Addends to 10 – Students find out how many more shamrocks are needed to make 10.Source: lovetolearn2012.blogspot.ca22. Lucky Numbers – Solve the 3-step math riddles to find the lucky number.23. St. Patrick’s Day Roll and Cover – Students roll 2 dice and cover the sum.Source: Shamrock Roll and Cover – Play addition to 12 with 2 dice. The player with the most shamrocks covered wins!25. Shamrock Addition and Subtraction – Use cut-out manipulative shamrocks to illustrate addition and subtraction equations.Source: growingfirsties.blogspot.com26. Fraction Leprechaun Face – This is the best combination of a craft and math activity! Students trade half of a leprechaun and figure out the fractions in eighths or fourths.Lucky PreK Counting27. St. Patty Mini Book – Students can color the illustrations for a “How Many Shamrocks” counting mini-book.Source: aspecialkindofclass.blogspot.ca28. Counting Jars – Students use March inspired cut-out pieces to fill the jar with the correct number.Source: pinkpolkadotsandprek.blogspot.com29. Counting Mats – Students match the numeral to the correct number of shamrocks.I hope you found these resources and lesson ideas to be helpful in planning out any lessons for Saint Patricks Day.Thanks talented teachers – your printables and lessons are great! Feel free to share your “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” badge on your blog, facebook or instagram. You earned it! {{boo-yah}}| SUBMIT YOUR TIP |More St. Patrick’s Day

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