13 Fun and Clever Dr. Seuss Ideas For the Classroom

It just may become Seussville in your classroom this March with the celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday! Here are 13 ideas to use in the classroom that are fun ways to use Dr. Seuss art, snacks, books and activities.I hope these can be time savers if you’re looking for ways to teach about Dr. Seuss soon!Art for Dr. Seuss’ BirthdaySource: elementaryartroom.blogspot.com1. Tizzled Topped Tufted Mazurkas – Using gorgeous colors, students draw a fantastical creature which is the perfect piece to add to writing pieces or prompts.Source: kinderqueendom.blogspot.com2. Cat in the Hat – Teach students how to draw Cat in the Hat at any age to make one-of-a-kind front covers to writer’s workshop books.Source: mrsliretteslearningdetectives.com3. Horton Hears a Who – A fun way to retell the story Horton Hears a Who or to make a craft to go with it. A large pack of men’s gray socks and paper plates are the main ingredients to this fun craft.Dr. Seuss for Any AgeSource: visual.ly4. 10 Facts About Dr. Seuss Books – Older students and teacher alike will enjoy these fun 10 facts that connect to the well beloved books. Have older students who need fluency work buddy up with younger students to read a classic story to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.Source: bentonbetterlunches.com5. Thing 1 and Thing 2 – A simple and healthy snack using two strawberries, banana and fluff make this a quick and simple treat students could make.Source: creativekidsnacks.com6. Grinch Party Poppers – Not just for Christmas time, bring out the Grinch Day fun with these healthy grape, banana and strawberry treats.Source: blessthismessplease.com7. Cat in the Jello Snack – Jello makes this striped Cat in the Hat reading reward an easy clean up snack.Seusstastic Learning ActivitiesSource: teachwithme.com8. Time For Seuss – The free printable telling time to the hour game that you can also recreate easily. Whoever spins all of the times and records them onto their hat first, wins!Source: ep2ndgraderocks.blogspot.com9. Even and Odd Things Math Board – This dice game is to work on recognizing numbers as even and odd. Simply add two dice together and move around the printable game board first to win.Source: templesteachingtales.blogspot.com10. Truffula Tens – If you’re working with number bonds or “ways to make” types of scenarios, then bring a truffala tree (or you could also do this with a striped hat) into the equation!Source: teachingblogaddict.com11. Cat in the Hat Foldable – Use this foldable for any great lesson plan you want to connect with Dr. Seuss books. This is a great way to bring out Dr. Seuss books in the older grades.Source: firstgradedelight.blogspot.com12. Scrambled Sentences – Have students unscramble the sentences using the Dr. Seuss themed word cards to build and re-arrange words in the sentence. Then have them record the sentence.Source: first-grade-fever.blogspot.com13. Green Eggs and Ham – Use magazines to help make illustrations for a class book that is hilarious! Sam-I-Am will be proud of the great rhyming it encourages from primary students. Here’s an alternative rhyming book for kindergarten based on There’s a Wocket in My Pocket.I hope you found these clever resources and lesson ideas to be helpful in planning out any lessons for Dr. Seuss’ birthday.P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the Teach Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific lesson ideas/collections that you are looking for. I’ll be happy to find them for you!More Dr. Seuss

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