13 Frog Life Cycle Resources and Printables

How to teach the frog life cycle with a little bit of fun! Here are lots of ways to teach the life cycle of a frog including videos, worksheets, crafts and more. Don’t forget that you can easily integrate literacy and math too with these extra 25 Easy Frog and Toad Ideas and Activities.Life Cycle of a Frog Videos“Metamorphosis (Tadpole Into a Frog)” is a song about the frog’s life cycle for any elementary science lessons.Young kids will be singing along with this catchy Froggy, Froggy! song about the frog life cycle on youtube.Frog Life Cycle WorksheetsGet the basics covered with a frog life cycle cut and paste worksheet that covers tadpole, eggs, froglet and adult frog.A classic way to show the life cycle of a frog is with a wheel. Use this free wheel to help show how the cycle doesn’t stop.Making Frog Bookssource: subhubonline.blogspot.comThis handy way of storing facts inside of these brown bag books is a neat way to make interactive books that are meaningful to kids.A simple labels booklet with a picture and label for each stage of the frog’s life cycle. A free printable that’s best for pre-k and kindergarten.source: carriesspeechcorner.blogspot.comYou can easily lay out the whole life cycle of a frog printable in this mini-booklet that students can color and take home.source: worksheetplace.comThe life cycle of a frog spells out how many days it takes to go through each phase of the metamorphosis.Use the familiar “brown bear” chant to teach each stage of the frog life cycle with a free life cycle of a frog emergent reader for kindergarten, first or second grade.source: mrstsfirstgradeclass-jill.blogspot.caMake a class book with all of the frog life cycle facts students have learned. Teach them how to draw a frog to make the illustrations and integrate a bit of technology to bring it alive.Studying Frogs for KidsIf you’ve got frogs in the classroom, then you’re sure to need a frogs observation sheet to record what happens every few days. This is a gem!source: coffeecupsandcrayons.comWhat frog life cycle books really are the best to use in the elementary grades? The ones with the best photographs and just right text.source: you’re ready to take the chance, here’s everything you need to know about how to raise tadpoles in he classroom and keep them alive to observe.There are so many avenues to take when teaching kids about the life cycle of a frog. These are so creative and it was awesome to feature so many in one place for you to use as a starting place. I hope you’ve found something new to try this year.More Science

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